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  1. Electronic Components offered by us include Power Mosfet, Obsolete Electronic Parts, Integrated Circuit, Ldmos Transistor, etc. They are widely used to charge batteries in electronic industry. Authentic components and sophisticated machinery used in their making ensure reliability, high performance and error free functioning. They help in preventing excessive heat and are hence apt for electrical and heat insulation in appliances. Electronic Components are tested on several parameters to make sure that they stand up to the internationally laid standards. Varied specifications can be availed from us in these components as per the specific demands of our patrons in the market.

    Key Points:

    • They are available in several specifications.
    • They are installed in many automotive machinery and home appliances.
    • We accept a minimum order of 1 piece even.
    • We offer these at affordable prices.
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  2. Siemens 3th82 80-0a Electronic Switches

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    • Power Mosfet

        Power Mosfet is designed using utmost quality raw material and top notch machinery at our unit in sync with the industrial laid norms and standards. They are thoroughly tested on varied parameters to ensure utmost quality, effectiveness, user- friendliness and efficiency.
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      • Electronic Components

          We are a well known supplier of Electronic Components to our highly reputed clients. They are used in different industrial sectors for diverse purposes as per the requirements of our patrons. Our vendors use premium quality raw material and progressive machinery for their making in sync with the set industrial norms and standards. We also conduct various quality checks at our unit prior to dispatch to make sure that no compromise is done with the quality of our Electronic Components at any stage.
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        • Obsolete Electronic Parts

          Obsolete Electronic Parts

          Price: 550 INR/Piece
        • Integrated Circuit

          Integrated Circuit

          Price: 230 INR/Piece
        • Ldmos Transistor

          Ldmos Transistor

          Price: 1200 INR/Piece
        • Honey Well Timmer

          Honey Well Timmer

          Product Type: TIMMER
          Warranty: 6 MONTHS
          Color: OFF WHITE
          Function: TIMMER
          Price: 2000 INR/Piece


          Price: 2000 INR/Piece
        • DELUX soldering iron 25 watt yellow colour

          DELUX soldering iron 25 watt yellow colour

          Rated Voltage: 25 Watt (W)
          Color: YELLOW
          Weight: 0.50 Grams (g)
          Price: 80 INR/Piece
        • TOX IC soldering iron 60 watt BLACK colour

          TOX IC soldering iron 60 watt BLACK colour

          Rated Voltage: 60 Watt (W)
          Product Type: TOX IC soldering iron
          Weight: 0.50 Grams (g)
          Color: BLACK
          Supply Voltage: 60 Watt (w)
          Price: 80 INR/Piece

          TOX IC soldering iron 60 watt BLACK colour

            TOX IC soldering iron 60 watt BLACK colour
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            Price: 1500 INR/Piece
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